During this chaotic time, the safety of my family and my salon guests are my highest priority.  As some know I was working in New York City when the outbreak first began and I saw first hand some of the effects of the virus. With the current knowledge now, there are some rules I will be implementing to maintain a safe a secure environment for everyone.

  • Masks will be mandatory until deemed unnecessary by health professionals and the state. If you have an issue please contact me before your appointment.

  • Only one guest will be allowed inside the studio at a time.

  • There will be no walk-in appointments accepted

  • If you are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms, do not come in. 

  • There will be no appointment cancellation fees or penalties.

  • There will be a minimum of 15 minutes blocked in between appointments to insure all equipment is cleaned and disinfected.

While some of these rules are state laws, I will also do my best to maintain a clean and sanitized place for you to visit.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me before making an appointment. If there is any outbreak or need to shutdown the salon all guests will be notified immediately.

On a more personal note, New York was a dream for me that was such a blur of events happening it is hard remember all the things I did while in NYC.  During my time in New York I worked at an amazing salon, Broome Street Society, in Soho.  I learned so many things working there, and got the opportunity to meet so many amazing individuals.  I was very sad to leave the city, but at the time I needed to make the best decision for my mental health, and the health of my family (including my best friend and doghter Fanita).  Thankfully I got to recharge and now I will be working in the Western Slopes of Colorado.  I would like to thank everyone who reached out to me, and especially my family who is always there for me. As most know I'm not the best at talking, but I am always there to listen if you need someone to talk to.