This was originally an email I sent out to my Denver guests, but if you did not receive it this should give you all relevant information. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me through my website or email at I'd also like to give another big thank you to everyone who has visited me over the past three years.

I've had the chance to tell some of my guests personally, but I wanted to reach out and let everyone know that I will be moving New York in October and will be closing up my studio in Denver.  Working the past three years in my suite has been such an amazing experience.  This experience and my business' success would not be possible if it wasn't for you great people.  I am going to miss yall the most about Denver, and I wish I could take yall on the rest of the journey with me.  This opportunity to work in New York is too great to turn away from, and although I am sad to be closing shop, I am thrilled to begin my next chapter in NYC.   My last day I will be accepting appointments currently is September 14th (although the date might change slightly).  I would love to see everyone at least one more time before I leave to give you a big thanks and hug for everything yall have done for me.  I have also listed some referrals for hairstylist below with some descriptions and their booking information.  If you'd like a personal reference or your color formula please contact me before September 30th, as I will have limited access to your notes after that date. I will be keeping my email, website and phone active in case there is anything you might need. Again, I would just like to give the biggest thank you to every person who visited me in my studio, I hope your time with my was as wonderful as it was for me.

Derick Figaro

Other Stapleton Northfield Phenix Stylist:
Mindy Verdecchio (fantastic with bobs and blondes books up quickly) 303-669-9501
Jay VudoHair (great with color and longer hair, super sweet with great conversations) 303-885-7130

Some other evo salons I've worked with:
Cedar Hair studio (lovely ladies with a medium sized salon that do great blonding and haircuts) 720-459-8500
Forma Collective (Jessica Lambert is my FAVORITE curly stylist in Denver and does a great job with all curl patterns)